Placement Testimonials


“Hudepohl & Associates got to know me and made sure the fit was correct. They gave personal advice not only to help their client but to make sure it was right for me, the candidate. They were genuine and sincere.”

~ Mike Nehf, Executive Director
CEO State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio


“I have worked with Hudepohl as a candidate (placed as CIO) and then as a client when we were rebuilding our senior investment team. As a candidate, I valued Gary’s deep knowledge of his client and his keen appreciation of organizational culture and fit, which was extremely important to me. He made the effort to fully explore and assess my skills, experience and interest, and I was impressed with how he guided me through the firm’s in-depth vetting process.

As a client it was a partnership. Gary was extremely adept at navigating our complex organization, and he was particularly astute in managing relations with key leaders. I felt that Hudepohl had a strong grasp of our needs and, as a result, was able to source national candidates who represented top talent and were also well suited for our team. Having been through numerous searches, I know firsthand how important it is to keep the process on track. Gary had an innate ability to adapt well to changing situations while staying focused on the engagement and ensuring the highest quality outcome. I would highly recommend Hudepohl to anyone looking for a search firm.”

~ Deborah Spalding, Managing Director, Commonfund
Chief Investment Officer, State of Connecticut Pension Fund Management Division (former)


“Some search firms are mechanical and seem to look for skills instead of looking beneath the surface. Hudepohl & Associates pays attention to all of the details and finds the perfect fit (between the person and the organization).”

~ Sandy Matheson, CEO
Maine Public Employees Retirement System


“As a candidate working with Gary, I appreciated the individual time and attention he gave me through each step of the process.  I’m sure he was doing the same with the other candidates, but this felt more than just advice before an interview.  When Gary talks about finding the best “fit,” he’s working both sides of the deal.   He shapes a diverse slate of candidates at an individual level while helping the Board identify, develop, and focus their priorities.  By the time I started the position, the Board and I had already built relationships, expectations, and trust.”

~ Eric Stern, CEO
Sacramento County Employees’ Retirement System


“I have worked with professional recruiters as an employer, but I recently found myself on the other side of the deal for the first time ever — with a successful, exciting result! Gary and the rest of the Hudepohl & Associates team were very professional, focused on proper fit and personally extremely supportive.”

~ Michael Walden-Newman, State Investment Officer
Nebraska Investment Council


“I would describe the company as hands on and intimate. Personable and kind feel. They are friendly and accessible.”

~ Ash Williams, Executive Director; Chief Investment Officer
Florida State Board of Administration


“They’re a pretty superb firm and the experience I had working with them was positive.”

~ Mansco Perry, Chief Investment Officer
Minnesota State Board of Investments


“Too many firms just want to fill the roles. Like they have a template. I always felt that Gary understands what you’re looking for and brings candidates who don’t fit the generic description but are individuals who will respond to what you’re looking for in that position.”

~ David Creamer, Senior Vice President, Finance, Business Services; Treasurer
Miami University


“I’ve come to understand the benefit of being engaged with a well respected search firm. And the more I experience other firms, the more I come to appreciate Hudepohl & Associates.”

~ Deb Delisle
U.S. Assistant Secretary of Elementary & Secondary Education (former)
State Superintendent Public Instruction, State of Ohio (former)


“Beyond the professionalism and integrity that Hudepohl & Associates exuded, Gary’s effort to dig below the surface and understand the Board, the business, and the critical skills and success factors for my position, truly impressed me. He is thorough, thoughtful, and strategic. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hudepohl to others looking to fill top positions.”

~ Matt Wald, CEO
Columbus Collaboratory