“Hudepohl is my go to firm, they have a specific world view, beyond tenacious and committed…, like a long time advisor, they innately and equally know who to source, as well as they know who they are sourcing for…, this balanced insight is like mimicry between client and candidate.”

~ E. Gordon Gee, President
The Ohio State University


“Hudepohl is my window into getting top quality candidates – personnel is the largest indicator and determinant of a company’s success, organizational success – there is no more critical decision than the right person.”

~ Laurie Hacking, Executive Director
Minnesota Teachers Retirement Association


“Hudepohl is more fully engaged in understanding the personality fit of candidacy and culture.  They intuitively recognize this secret nuance.  When you’re looking for a candidate you want to know – can they do the job, will they do the job, will they work well with us?  This is the key difference in working with Hudepohl.  They find the most cost-effective candidate with the highest level skills in the shortest amount of time.  I’ve been in HR 30 years, using literally hundreds of firms and no one compares.  That’s why Hudepohl & Associates handles everything in the U.S. for us.”

~ Patrick Johnson, former Senior Vice President
Boart Longyear


Hudepohl creates thoughtful, in-depth, integrated partnerships.  Unlike larger firms, they are not a marketing machine, they are a matching machine.”

~ Geoffrey S. Chatas, Chief Financial Officer
The Ohio Sate University


“Hudepohl approaches search differently from the other firms I’ve worked with. They study the specific skill sets we need, source top individuals who possess those traits, and serve as matchmakers who surface candidates uniquely qualified to serve our organization. ”

~ Steve Moise, State Investment Officer
State of New Mexico


Hudepohl & Associates is fantastic, especially on the back end of the search, honing in on final candidates, incorporating compelling, convincing strategies and negotiating with those aspiring for the position… and on the front end they create a true impassioned interest in the position…remarkable.

~ Steve Snyder, Executive Assistant to the President
Miami University