Our Methodology

Introducing our exclusive Compatible Organizational Integrated Leadership methodology, COIL.  Beginning with you, our valued client, this proprietary process is tuned to produce magnetic, professional matches.  We don’t just draft candidates, we draw them together.  Anyone can search.  And many firms do just that.  But today search just isn’t enough; a new construct of search must be operationalized incorporating a plethora of human capital recruitment and enrollment strategies.

We know the executive search world is as muddy as it is costly and even becomes more burdensome when having to deal with less nimble, less engaged firms. COIL is designed to be forever flexible and efficient, incorporating three critical attributes of our culture, we call 3D.  

      • Deliberate: We move with single-minded purpose and are fiercely focused.
      • Depth: We believe you must “dig deeper” to find the perfect match. Stopping short, is a betrayal of our values.
      • Duration: We care enough to take whatever amount of time required to source not just the best, but the perfect candidate.

We know the stakes are high and that your expectations are even higher; which demands a higher delivery of premier professional search services.  We expect to be held accountable and have consistently exceeded clients’ expectations, reporting a 98% LFR, Leadership Fit Rate.  You could say our source-search strategy finds first round draft choices, no matter the round.

Each of our placements are so predictive, so synergistic between client and candidate, that the win-win is equally fulfilling.  On a scale of 100, in a recent independent survey, we achieved an unprecedented 95% approval rating, or a superior mark, regarding client satisfaction.

Hudepohl & Associates, a Five Star Drafting Score of source-search excellence.