5A Advantage

At Hudepohl & Associates, we don’t simply search, we practice a new breed of search called, source-search.  We focus outward intuition, honed insight and honest instinct to uncover, strategically discover and link best of breed professionals with exciting and rewarding opportunities.

To discover and ensure such magnetic matches, only Hudepohl & Associates adhere to a 5A Advantage.

We practice this process to perfection, so capably and instinctively competent, that our performance is not just meeting, but continually exceeding the expectations of candidates and clients alike.  We consistently report a 98% LFR, Leadership Fit Rate; and on a scale of 100, in a recent independent survey, achieved an unprecedented 95% approval rating, or a superior mark, regarding client satisfaction.

1. Aspire

All COIL professional matches begin from a foundation of aspiration; seeking unequaled results which exceed our clients’ objectives and specified outcomes.  In this phase, we meet with various stakeholders to conduct a needs analysis, develop the position specification and design the recruitment strategy.

2. Assimilate

This phase entails the adaption (magnetism) between your leadership values and cultural visions and prospective candidates’ principles, philosophies, practices and doctrines.  During this phase, we target and actively recruit unexpecting candidates.

3. Appraise

Mid process we conduct applicant interviews (by phone and of course in person) and commence background checks.  Such interviews are designed to collect experiential data, assess cultural fit and affirm interest.

4. Authenticate

It is in this stage where the ultimate outcome is the authenticity between all – candidate, client and culture, and their respective objectives.  In this fourth phase, where client interviews are conducted, we make advisory recommendations, supported and validated by our unique COIL methodology.  Here we produce our pertinent FLIQ Briefing Book and executive reference interviews.

5. Activate

In a world bundled and pursed in all that we must execute and set into motion, our final phase does just that – activates the commencement of the human capital relationship by negotiating detailed compensation packages with your candidate of choice.

Going deeper to ensure the best at Hudepohl & Associates.  Search is dead.  Source-Search the perfect match.